General Information

Mass Requests

The greatest and most powerful prayer we have as Catholics is the Holy Mass because it the very fruits of Christ’s redemption made present for us on the altar. Hence, the greatest prayer we can offer to a loved one is the Holy Mass, and this can be offered either for the living or the dead.

The law of the Church (Canon 945) says that it is lawful for any priest who celebrates or concelebrates Mass to receive an offering to apply the Mass according to a definite intention. It says further that the Christian faithful who make an offering so that the Mass may be applied for their intention, contribute to the good of the Church and by their offering, take part in the concern of the Church for the support of its ministers and works.

We DO NOT charge any money to offer a mass, but donation is recommended. Please do contact Fr. Dominic for this. Mass cards are available in the piety stall and donation of £1 or more is required.

Piety Stall

We have various Sacramental gifts and cards in the hall, along with the catalogue for any special orders. There is also a range of statues, crosses, and books in the cupboard. Anyone seeking alternative gifts can look in the catalogues under the children’s colouring book on the shelves near Our Lady’s Statue.

Disabled Access

We have wheelchair lift (platform lift) to enable disabled people access to the Church. There is also parking space for the disabled. It is important that you notify the Parish Office when you need the wheelchair lift so that the operator will be informed on time.

Sick Or Housebound Parishioner

Please if you know any parishioner(s) in the hospital, care-home, nursing home, or housebound, please do not hesitate to inform Fr. Dominic. It is extremely important that parishioners are not deprived of the Sacraments of the Church. Fr. John Allen the former Parish Priest had the apostolate of visiting Parishioners at home. Fr. Dominic is also willing to continue this custom. So, if you need his visit, please do let him know.

Gift Aid

We continue to encourage anyone who is a UK taxpayer to consider signing up to the Gift Aid
which does not cost you anything and the parish receives 25p in tax rebate for every £1 you give. Gift Aid is very valuable to the parish as it increases the value of relevant collection donations by 25%. Gift aid donations to the parish can be made by Envelopes, or by Direct Debit. A significant number of parishioners already use each method. In order to register, you have to complete a Gift Aid Declaration (copies available from the sacristy), and you have to be a taxpayer. There are some extra boxes of envelopes – should you wish to take one of these, please ask in the sacristy, and complete the Gift Aid Declaration.


We need volunteers in these areas:

Church and Presbytery Garden: so far, we have received two kind offers of help in maintaining the Church grounds, but we would appreciate more help in the Church and Presbytery gardens.

Church Cleaning and Readers – we need volunteers in these areas.

Saint Vincent de Paul – more new members are still welcome.  The apostolate of this organisation is Scriptural.   Visiting the sick and looking after the elderly is what God has us to do on his behalf.

Parish Choir – More volunteers would be welcomed to widen the range of voices, particularly men!

Piety Stall – Catherine is unable to continue running the piety stall due to ill-health.  Is there someone who is willing to take on this task?   Please speak to Fr. Dominic. 

Altar servers – We are always looking for additional Altar Servers. Anyone who has made their First Holy Communion is invited to speak to Fr. Dominic or any of the Parish Catechists or Vincent our Senior Altar Server or any member of the Sacristy team.

Instrumentalist Needed – We urgently need more musicians, whether guitarists or pianists/organists, either to join music group or take a turn in the rota (organist/pianist).